This is the list of content that we recommend the most:

Desteni / Resources / Courses / Slovenian page
Global movement with exact information about the history and functioning of the whole existence. Support group and online courses for effective transformation of your mind patterns for man to become a truly responsible being.

Flasher / FB page / FB group
Slovenian software for development of communication and memory skills. By fast flashing of words everyone from age 3 years on can store words in their long-term memory of the brain and thus learn languages and information fast. (Soon also in English)

Spurt Slovenia / FB page
Leading Slovenian promoter of Spurt debt-free, non-crypto, non-volatile, asset-back digital currency. It can already be used globally as means of exchange instead of fiat currencies and will soon become also convertible to other currencies.

Keshe Foundation Slovenia / FB page / FB group
Advances science about the physical universe with solutions for renewable energy, regeneration end nourishment of human physical body, production of any chemical element and space ship manufacturing.

Union of Equally Responsible / FB page
Slovenian political organisation in the process of establishment that unites interests of all living beings on this world. It promotes model of global management where a dignified life for all living being will be guaranteed unconditionally.

Raising Slovenia / FB page
In the last several years we are increasingly becoming  part of When I Raise Myself I Raise Maribor movement. It is spearheaded by Pupilam society and Etika company with intention to develop permaculture and local society in Maribor city.

NewsBud / YouTube / FB page
Online media with integrity under leadership of ex National Security Agency employee that is completely financed by the listeners. It offers news about global political activities behind the scenes that public media does not report about.

What on Earth is Happening / YouTube / FB page
Mark Passio is an excellent lecturer on common law and how for to take back our natural right. He is exposing occult and satanic functioning of religious and political system on this world show how to become a true anarchist.

Fulford Report / Translations page
One of the most radical reporters about the hidden background of political activities is Benjamin Fulford. As a far east correspondent he developed a deep friendship bond especially with the powerful White Dragon family.

GoldFish Report / YouTube / FB page
A fascinating weekly online video conference with different guests. Information shared is something that is far beyond mass media. Special attention is given to geo and exo political activities including alien interventions.

Global Mission of Peace / TV channel / Forum / FB page
Cool project by the Red Dragon family from China who are the keepers of the largest secret gold reserves on this planet. Their ambassador is a regular guest of the GoldFish Report where he shares about global currency reset developments.